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How HVE Helps Public Users

Verify Halal Status

In just seconds you can verify the Halal status of the products that you are looking for. Not only local products but imported products can now be easily verified. Now you have the Halal assurance you need.

Discover New Halal Products

Cure your curiosity as you browse HVE. Find new, exciting alternatives to the products you already know and love. While you search, HVE will suggest similar items and places to help you experience more.

Rate and Review Products and Places

Let other companies and other people know what you think of the Halal products and services you find through HVE. Your opinion can help other people in making better Halal choices.

Send Inquiries to Halal Authorities

Want to know if a product is in the process of getting certified Halal or about anything pertaining to certification? HVE provides you with a feature to contact recognized International Certification Bodies with questions and concerns.

Verify Halal status wherever you go

Now you can check Halal status of Halal products, ingredients and restaurants from your mobile device.

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